5 Ways GQueues Helps You Win at Life

It's not just an app. It's a lifestyle.

Jordan Matthews
Apr 26, 2022
3 minutes

Isn’t it great when life just works? 

You show up on time, your priorities are clear, your projects are on track, communication flows, and your mind is freed up from any extra clutter. Work is less stressful, you’re more focused, and you’re happier too.

If you’ve ever had a day where everything seems to go the way it should, then you know exactly what I mean. 

Believe it or not, this is my normal. 

I use a system that works, so everything else works too. 

True, life isn’t perfect. Mishaps come up. Communication breakdowns can happen. I still forget a deadline every once in a while. But now I know it can be a lot better. I don’t have to work as hard to do the things I need to. I’m not worried about missing something crucial, and I’m not scatterbrained. It feels... pretty great. 😊

Here’s how GQueues makes my life run more smoothly.

Better time management

The skills you learn by managing your time with GQueues go beyond just what you can do in your workday. Using an app to help keep track of deadlines gets you in the habit of making plans and sticking to them. It supports you in having a working awareness of your deadlines since you can plan your tasks and plot them on your schedule next to your other responsibilities. 

You build the skills necessary to get things done when you say you’ll do them. So you get better at completing things on time. Not just when it comes to your work, but in the rest of your life too. Building the habit with GQueues’ help means you can flex that habit everywhere else. 

👉Pro Tip: Another way to ensure you don’t miss deadlines is to use reminders to keep you on track with a little nudge. 

Project management that’s more effective

Managing projects used to be a hassle. There are a lot of moving parts. And taking everything on at once can be really overwhelming. That’s why it’s so valuable to know how to break your work into smaller, more manageable pieces. Not only is it less stressful for you, but you can get more done

But it’s not just about how much you get done. It also matters what gets done. When you have limited time and mental resources, you want to focus on what’s most important first. Knowing how to prioritize your work is essential. 

When you get used to prioritizing your time at work, you might notice how it ripples into your personal life, too. Once I started prioritizing with GQueues, I started spending more time doing the things I want to do and love doing in the other areas of my life as well. 

Life’s short, and I want to focus on what really matters 😊

👉Pro Tip: Prioritize your work using Smart Queues to auto-generate your task lists with the work that’s most important. 

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Improved organization 

My life gets busy fast. Before I know it, my calendar is filled to the brim with appointments and events. My time is divided between attending class, working, visiting friends, spending time with family, organizing community events, and making time to finish my homework. Not to mention finding the time to eat and sleep, too… Needless to say, it’s hugely beneficial to be able to organize my work and time wisely so I can keep track of all the details and use my energy efficiently. 

When I’m working, I group similar tasks together so I can stay focused on one kind of thing at a time. GQueues makes chunking my time super easy thanks to Google Calendar syncing. When I create a task, it shows up on my calendar and I can drag and drop the event around based on where it fits in my day. So I can create my ideal workflow in just a few minutes. 

Consider that what happens in GQueues affects the rest of your life. When you’re more organized in the app, you’re way better at planning and organizing your time everywhere else too. This makes you feel better, and actually has a positive impact on your health!

👉Pro Tip: Sync multiple Calendars by setting up different teams for an extra layer of organization.

Smoother communication

Life happens in conversation. Think about it for a second. Think about your projects. Your work. Your family. Your friendships. When it comes to working (and living!) with others, it’s impossible without communication. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “Okay, Jordan, that’s obvious.. What’s your point?”

My point is that things can get messy when you don’t communicate effectively. It’s one thing to communicate something, but it’s another thing to do it in a way those around you can understand. 

When you start using GQueues with your team, that part is simple. Since you can break tasks down with subtasks, add notes, keep track of comments, attach documents, and even assign tasks, you can make your work as clear as possible. And since you can do things like sharing your task lists and setting permissions, you can show exactly what you’re working on to anyone you want. 

Clarity is important. So is transparency. They improve trust, and not just with your team, but in your other relationships, too 😊

👉Pro Tip: Customize notifications on your account to get the alerts you need about what your team is up to in GQueues.


GQueues makes me happier. 

It helps me realize how important a good work/life balance really is by freeing up my mind from stress and actually making room in my calendar. Since I’ve become way more efficient, I have extra time on my hands to actually do what I want to do.  And since I have more time to do the things I love, I defend that time. Like spending time at home with my family, catching up with my friends, and actually using my PTO for meaningful vacations. 

Sounds like happiness to me!

GQueues helps life run smoothly

I’m so glad I upgraded my “normal”. I took the path of least resistance and chose an app that works for me. Now, life’s a breeze. My life runs more smoothly, it’s that simple. 

Turns out work doesn’t really have to feel like work, and neither does life. 

But don’t just take my word for it. See for yourself. 

About the author
Jordan Matthews
Customer Care Specialist

When I'm not writing blog posts and help articles, I'm chatting with customers. I help you get the answers you're looking for so GQueues runs as smoothly as possible for you and your teams. And who would I be without my oatmilk latte in the morning? ☕️

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