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Organizing your work can be daunting. Templates save you the trouble of starting from scratch. Based on expertise from the GQueues team and our user community, they’re crafted to make your setup process as smooth as possible.

Get started in GQueues fast with templates

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Cure your organizer’s block once and for all! Browse the available templates. Import your favorites. Customize. All that’s left is to get to work!


Get started quick with a curated set of templates

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use Team templates when I’m working solo?

Yes! There are lots of benefits to using Teams, even when you’re working alone. If you do bring on other collaborators in the future, you’re all set up. And even while it’s just you, teams let you break up your work by project on Google Calendar.

Learn more about teams in our Help Center. 😊

Can I modify templates after importing?

Yes! Not only is it possible, we encourage it!

These templates are designed as a jumping-off point to help get your creative juices flowing. You should absolutely customize them to suit your needs. 

What’s most important with your organizational system is it works for you and your team. Not that it matches the templates to a T. 😊

Can I request new templates?

Yes! We love hearing from our user community, so if you have ideas for new templates, let us know!

Can I use multiple templates?

Yes! There’s no limit to the number of templates you can import.

Can I create my own templates?

It’s not possible to add your own templates to the Template Gallery, but you can create template workflows, teams, etc. from your personal GQueues account for you and your team to reuse. 

Learn more about creating your own templates in the Help Center.