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Candidate Tracking

Use this template whenever you’re hiring. Ideal for businesses that don’t hire lots of positions at once.

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Why we love this template

Whether your hiring process is completely internal or you use outside softwares to help manage your applications, this template will help you stay organized and keep everyone in the loop. 

The queues make it clear which applicants are in what hiring stage. Attachments and notes mean it’s easy to keep all of their application materials together. And everyone involved in hiring - from HR, to the hiring manager, and any other stakeholders - can get insight into the process and applicants...without needing to sift through aaaaalll the applications you might get through recruiting sites.

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Tips to get started

  • Import this template whenever you need to hire a new role and rename the team to include the position title.
  • Add or rename queues to fit your company’s own hiring stages.
  • If you use an outside site like Indeed to manage your applicants, you don’t need to store a copy of every single person in GQueues too! Link to the candidate’s page in the system and store their materials on the task when you’ve decided to move them into the first stage. 
  • Encourage everyone on the hiring team to leave comments to track initial impressions after interview stages.

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