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Clients & Leads (centralized)

Keep up with your current and prospective clients - all from one place. Ideal if you only have a few projects for each client.

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Why we love this template

When you’re a small business, it’s such a pain to use a different software for every single thing you need to do. You don’t need an expensive, over-the-top CRM to deliver high-quality results for your clients and nurture new business.

When each task is a contact, all the work you’re doing for that person is in context. No second-guessing who this report is for, or searching for the background on that assignment. The work is attached to the person, and you can get it done without searching between multiple programs for the info you need.

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Tips to get started

  • Treat each task as a contact - the task name is the name of the client or lead, and the notes store their contact info.
  • When you’ve landed the sale, drag leads into the Clients queue.
  • Use subtasks to track the actual work to be done for each client.
  • Tags add extra information to tasks you can see at a glance, like the services being used, if they’re a repeat customer, and stage of work a project’s in.

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