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Clients & Leads (separated)

All your work for a client, all together. Ideal if you’re working on multiple projects with each client.

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Why we love this template

When you have several projects going on for multiple clients at once, or even one big one with lots of moving parts, it’s nice to separate it out. This template does just that - breaking up the work by client so you can easily focus on one thing at a time, while still being able to see the bigger picture of everything you’re working on.

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Tips to get started

  • Each contact gets their own queue. Use the tasks within it to track what needs to get done - whether that’s lead nurturing or delivering on contracted work. 
  • Use the queue details to store contact info, so all the tasks are actionable items.
  • Use the time- and date-stamped comments to keep track of major updates in a project’s completion, whether you’re working solo or collaborating with teammates.

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