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Event Planning

Plan stellar events each time with an Event Planning Template you can constantly improve to make your next event even better.

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Works with: GQueues for BUSINESS
Works with: All GQueues plans

Why you'll love this template

Plan stellar events each time with the Event Planning Template queue. Whenever you have a new event, just duplicate that queue and your initial to-do list is already populated and ready to go. The template gives you a frictionless setup so you can hit the ground running sooner. 

And the Event Planning Template is easy to update! As you get more experienced and fine-tune your process, you can make tweaks in that queue that are automatically saved for next time. No need to go back and sort through your post-event notes from last time. The most efficient process is already waiting for you. 😊

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Tips to get started

  • Customize for your business. If you regularly plan events with different needs, make a version for each! One for weddings, one for corporate events, and one for large-scale festivals.
  • Consider creating a team for complex events with lots of collaborators. Then your teammates will only see the relevant info for that event, and you can use queues for different areas of focus. 
  • Use tags to categorize tasks and search for similar work in different events.

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