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Tenants and Contractors

Log all the details about your tenants and contractors - from contact info to reliability.

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Why we love this template

Your key contacts tracked all together. It’s like a digital rolodex, but only with the people you need to manage your properties. Since each queue is clearly labeled, you don’t have to remember the names. Just go to the contractors queue and scan for plumbers. Or click on the “plumber tag!” Easy to use, and the info you need is right next to your tasks.

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Tips to get started

  • Add a task for a new tenant or contractor and use the task notes for contact information, links to websites, and anything else important to you.
  • When a tenant leaves, drag from Current to Previous. That way you’ll keep the record of what they were like if they ever want to rent from you again.
  • Use the included Smart Queues to quickly filter for contractors that have performed high quality work in the past.

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